Public Services Facility Rentals

Heritage Corner Health Care Campus is proud of the services we are able to offer the community. Hospitality and professional service is something you can count on at The Heritage.

Our facilities provide a great place for service groups, clubs and organizations to meet. With seating accommodations from 2 to 60 - The Heritage has a meeting room for you! Choose weekly, monthly, quarterly or periodic dates.

If refreshments are needed, on site catering is provided by our Chefs, using only the freshest ingredients available with all menus tailored to your meeting needs.

The Georgian Room can also offer "Retreat Programs" for organizational boards, executives and other groups providing instruction on corporate stress management, exercise, massage and healthy living options. All programs and catering services are designed to meet the need of the group and provided by licensed, experienced professionals.

There is a per person cost for catering and cleaning services. Please ask for the Chef when requesting menu options and available dates for the use of any of the three meeting rooms the Heritage Corner has to offer. The Georgian Room seats 50 to 60 people for sit down functions. Other options are available for small groups under 15.

  • Dinner Menus with table service
  • Buffet Dinner and Lunch Menu
  • Brunch Menus
  • Sandwich Menus
  • Sweet rolls hand made muffins and juices
  • Beverage service only
Sandwich Menu: Appetizing entrees that are guaranteed to please Dinner Menu: An assortment of delicious meals for you & your guests

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