Primary Care & Sports Medicine

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Family Medicine & Primary Care
for newborn to elderly.

Located on the campus of Heritage Corner, our facility was newly built in 2011 and designed to ensure patients feel welcome and cared for from the moment they walk in the door.

The Waiting Area has a feel of a comfortable living room. A children's area is incorporated with toys and games, and there's a complimentary hospitality bar offers caffeinated and de-caffeinated beverages while waiting.

The Examination Rooms are large and provide seating for family or significant others if desired.

The Check-Out Area is designed to provide privacy and personalized attention. Seating is large enough to provide room for family members or significant others as needed.

Services Offered:
Acute Care
Chronic Care
Routine Physical Exams
Pediatric Well Visits
Female & Male Well Visits
Sports Related Treatment
Therapeutic & Diagnostic Procedures
Fracture Care
Medication Management
Saturday Morning Chart Review

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