Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

Nursing Suites are professionally staffed twenty-four hours a day. Our luxury suites have been designed to allow for our clients who have increasing health care needs to stay at The Heritage and receive the medical attention that they require. The Heritage Nursing Suites are all private with spacious living accommodations. Heritage provides many unusual services and amenities not found in other facilities, such as complete furnishings, televisions, cablevision and private telephones in all of our suites.

Other unique services offered to all of our clients are: podiatry services, banking services, personal transportation, beauty & barber, spa services, exercise therapy & training, and warm water therapy pool. Many other fine quality services are also offered for The Heritage Corner client to take advantage of.

Rehabilitation Services

Physician prescribed therapies, such as physical and occupational therapy can also be accommodated by our facility. Speech therapy is also available. All theapeutic services are provided by licensed therapists. Therapists evaluate and treat individuals to improve mobility, decrease pain and to improve strength and endurance.

Structured rehabilitation is imperative to a full recovery for individuals who are recovering from fractures, joint replacements and other medical problems. The goal at Heritage is to work to regain or maintain independence to allow Heritage clients to live productive, satisfying lives.

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Floor Plans