Activities Exercise & Fitness

Our fitness programs take a very holistic standpoint when it comes to health and exercise, utilizing approaches from both the Western and Eastern parts of the world. We are very dedicated to helping our clients improve their chronic pain conditions, or achieving their health and fitness goals.

Exercise programs, in advanced and beginners classes, are offered Monday through Friday to all clients residing at Heritage. Aquatic exercise programs are offered two times a week. These programs are offered free as a wellness program that is part of the client's rental package.

Please call for a tour and to receive Corner Stone Fitness Center's policies for entrance to our programs.

Physician prescribed therapies, such as physical and occupational therapy can also be accommodated by our facility. Speech therapy is also available. All therapeutic services are provided by licensed therapists. Therapists evaluate and treat individuals to improve mobility, decrease pain and to improve strength and endurance.

Structured rehabilitation is imperative to a full recovery for individuals who are recovering from fractures, joint replacements and other medical problems. The goal at The Heritage is to work to regain or maintain independence to allow Heritage clients to live productive, satisfying lives.